Seyhon Gallery
March 2, 2018
Afrand Gallery
January 24, 2018
 Mankind and humanity have always been the main concern in my works. Though in this recent series, it is difficult to detect a clear similarity between the figures and the ideal human. These figures are broken and in the dynamic process of transformation, which is required by the new reality. This kind of reaction is in human nature. Indeed these figures are not stable on canvas. Lack of stability is due to the reality of the present life condition. I believe finding a prescription to become human (as I know it) again is too hard or maybe even impossible. These figures do always occupy my thoughts. These pictures show actually my personal reaction to the challenges I face, caused by my opposition to the enforced changes in my surrounding and my resistance to accept the loose of humanity despise that my surrounding tears me apart daily and force me to change and as well troublesome and unbearable situations in life, which I face every single day. These figures show my search for mankind or at least an opposition to the idea of getting accustomed with vanishing of humanity. Dream world is a mysterious world that our hopes, fears and speculations about the real world appear without any judgments. I use my dreams and my unconscious in my paintings. Whilst painting, the figures transform a lot, as in my dreams, until they find their desired shape. Although In these days using the word of "Protest" could be interpreted in lot of different ways but I (by my paintings) am protesting against the current mankind condition. These figures are not remaining of my dreams but of my Cold Sleeps

خواب سرد